Southern Oregon
Driver Education, Inc.

P e a c e    o f    M i n d



Sessions Include:

•   30 hours of classroom


•   12 hours of behind-the-

wheel instruction

•   State certified


•   Two presentations by

local & State law enforce-


•   State certificates

awarded  for successful 

completion on the last day

of class 

Critical Topics


→ Pre-drive inspection
→ Starting sequence
→ Steering techniques:
     · Push-pull
     · Hand-Over-Hand
     · Backing
     · Evasive
→ Targeting
→ Searching techniques
→ Stopping points
→ Turning points
→ Transition pegs
→ Lane positions
→ Changing lanes
→ Drive lines through curves
→ Reference points:
     · for precision vehicle placement
→ Parking techniques:
     · parallel
     · perpendicular
     · hill
→ Turnabouts
→ Affects of:
     · Emotions 
     · Alcohol/Drugs
     · Distractions
     · Peer-pressure

Students who successfully complete the course requirements will earn a certificate from the State 
which typically reduces insurance costs.


Welcome to S.O.D.E.!

We are now registering students for 

Three Sessions for Summer 2014.  

A new Oregon law allows for earned exemption from the DMV driving skills test for ages 15-17! This allows students to take their behind-the-wheel test after completing SODE's classroom and behind-the-wheel classes successfully (without having to schedule a DMV behind-the-wheel test.)

Southern Oregon Driver Education, Inc. (SODE) is dedicated to teaching a lifetime of safe driving skills designed to help you accomplish your driving goals, including obtaining a license.  SODE is fully licensed by the State of Oregon and meets all insurance requirements. SODE is the only Driver Education program in Southern Oregon certified by the DMV and the Transportation Safety Division of ODOT.


What sets SODE apart is that we offer 17 years of driver training experience with high school students and adults during which we developed state of the art training techniques and skills development.  Financial assistance is available so every student can have this experience.  We are committed to providing students the necessary skills for a lifetime of driving.


The founder of SODE is Robert T. Jones.  He and his family are residents of Medford, Oregon.  Mr. Jones has been a certified public school teacher for 20 years.  He is employed by the Medford School District.  



SODE is endorsed by Medford Chief of Police, Randy Schoen, Oregon State Certified Teacher, Lynn Faust, and Oral Surgeon, Dr. James Savage.   To view their comments, please see the Endorsement page.


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Robert T. Jones, Owner, Educator
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Did you know?


Vehicle collisions are

the number one cause

of death for those

ages 15-20.


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